Brett Eclectic drops The Funktorium Archives

Brett Eclectic, founder of Sneer Records, has been immersed in music from day one. Growing up surrounded by strong sonic influences of 70’s/80’s Funk, Soul, Disco, Rock, Ambient and Hip Hop. His younger years were split between New Haven, CT & Los Angeles, CA.

Many family members were musicians, including his father who played guitar which laid the groundwork to build his musical career. As Brett puts it “Funk is my foundation”. Over the years he has run the gamut of gigs through multiple musical mediums and styles. With his LP, The Funktorium Archives, Brett Eclectic chose to push forward and reach for a more modern genre known as Electrofunk.

This is not your papa’s classic throwback; this is conscious lyrics over driving groove instrumentation akin electronic dance production.

Take a listen to the album while you read on.



Drawing from an eclectic set of influencers and trendsetters like Prince, Miles Davis, Jesse Johnson, David Bowie, Tricky, Cameo, Madlib, Brian Eno, Herbie Hancock and Mandré. If you haven’t heard of Mandré, do your ears a favor and take a listen on Spotify after The Funktorium Archives to experience the synth leader of the 70’s.

The album artwork will be oddly familiar to you Daft Punk fans out there. Some album inspirations include Parliament Funkadelic’s Cosmic Slop, John Carpenter’s Escape From New York, Marvin Gaye’s Midnight Love, & Mandré’s production mix of interstellar (or cosmic) synths with down to earth Funk to name a few. Brett draws from these sentiments and brings them into 2017.



Sneer Records, the creators of Grind Music, has expanded its catalog to 13 acts this year. They release a diversity of sound including Electro, Boogie, Modern & Future Funk, Grind Music, Electronica, Hip Hop, Synthwave, Ambient, Alternative R&B, Electro-Soul, Experimental & Instrumental/Beats projects.

Sneer is made by artists for artists and their mantra is “We do what we want…no format here…just music with a feel…that real in ur ear Sneer”. The label was founded by Brett Eclectic at a time when the music industry was becoming a corporate production machine and Brett decided to go against the grain to forge his own path.

The label has urban roots with a punk esthetic, but is open to all genres of music with attitude. Their philosophy is if an act comes to them with a project and the artist feels that it represents themselves well, then Sneer will provide that outlet and distribution.


Sneer Records


The Funktorium Archives is a collection of choice cuts from Brett’s vault that epitomizes his style. Vizion, another team member of Sneer, had his hand in helping Brett pick the tracks as well. The Archives serve as a jumping off point that is just the beginning to a set of releases that are in the works from Sneer.

Take a listen to the album, check out the visual track below and make sure to look out for those future drops including the upcoming instrumental EP, Funklantis from Brett Eclectic!


The Funktorium Archives Out Now!

~Stay Funky my Friends~
Mr. Nobody



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